Our practice aims to be able to help in all areas of communication. Speech therapy services is available and evaluate and provide treatment for the following:

●  Language delays
●  Speech impairments

          ●  Articulation difficulty

          ●  Phonological processes
●  Apraxia of speech
●  Autism specific speech therapy
●  Hearing impairment with speech related difficulties
●  Auditory processing disorder

Auditory Processing

Children with APD (auditory processing disorders) may exhibit a variety of listening and related complaints.

For example, they may have difficulty

●  understanding speech in noisy environments,

●  following directions,

●  and discriminating (or telling the difference between) similar-sounding speech sounds.

Sometimes they may behave as if a hearing loss is present, often asking for repetition or clarification.

In school, children with APD may have difficulty with spelling, reading, and understanding information presented verbally in the classroom. Often their performance in classes that don't rely heavily on listening is much better, and they typically are able to complete a task independently once they know what is expected of them.

However, it is critical to understand that these same types of symptoms may be apparent in children who do not exhibit APD. Therefore, we should always keep in mind that not all language and learning problems are due to APD, and all cases of APD do not lead to language and learning problems. APD cannot be diagnosed from a symptoms checklist. No matter how many symptoms of APD a child may have, only careful and accurate diagnostics can determine the underlying cause. 

At Deon Ceronio Audiologist we are able to perform specialised auditory processing evaluations and provide specific therapy to overcome these difficulties.


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