This well-established practice is a known name in the city of Bloemfontein and surroundings. It has been providing quality scientifically-funded products and therapy since 1997. 

Our team of audiologists, speech therapist and admin staff is dedicated to provide excellent service to you as the client.  Our products are supplied by international companies known for their ongoing research, development and use of the latest technologies. As communication is the essence of life we are passionate in supporting our clients on the road to optimal communication.


Deon Ceronio

Marianna van Heerden

Maureen Bezuidenhout

Freda Cloete
Speech therapist and Audiologist

Anri Esterhuysen
Speech therapist and Audiologist


Linda Voigt

Caroline Pienaar

Paulina Melani


The following services are provided for paediatric and adult patients at this practice:

Screening Services
●  Industrial baselines and annual screening tests
●  Newborn and infant hearing screening

Diagnostic Services
●  Full range of diagnostic audiological tests for all ages, including Auditory Brainstem
    Response (ABR) and Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR) testing
●  Industrial diagnostic testing

Hearing Aid Services
●  Hearing aid evaluation and selection guidance 
●  Hearing aid fittings and follow-up
●  Hearing aid repairs and servicing
●  Provision of hearing aid batteries and accessories
●  Provision of assistive listening devices

Cochlear Implants
●  Part of the Bloemfontein Cochlear implant team
●  Cochlear implant evaluation and selection guidance
●  Cochlear mappings

Customised Ear Protection
●  Noise protection earplugs
●  Stop gun earplugs
●  Swim- and sleeping plugs

Central Auditory Processing Disorder
●  Auditory processing evaluation (SCAN)
●  Auditory perceptual evaluation

Speech and Language Therapy
●  Speech, language and communication difficulties


    ●  21 Brill Street
    ●  Westdene
    ●  Bloemfontein

    ●  Tel:  (051) 447 4070
    ●  Fax:  (051) 447 3827

    ●  2016 - 2020
    ●  Practice No. 8211221
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